BURTON L.A.M.B. Collection


I love it when I get to collaborate with friends for a cool brand. Jasmine and I got to jet out to a beautiful lake cabin in Pennsylvania with the Burton crew and create some fun images for the Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B. collection. We chilled, and I even cooked up a storm of Tomato Kale baked egg goodness for dinner.

Here’s an excerpt from over at Jasmine’s blog on coming up with the concept. Check out the post for her behind the scenes pics and extra out takes.

“I pitched the idea to the Burton Girls team about shooting a lookbook that truly showed the marriage of the creative music lifestyle and the outdoor sports lifestyle. This collection mirrors who I am wholeheartedly and I knew other women could say the same thing. From the red, yellow and green Jamaica references to the two-tone black and white checkers and the punk, army bomber – this collaboration was made for girls like me!

My idea was to show the narrative of a creative artist leaving the city to escape to the woods. In much need of some quiet time and fun adventure, she packs up the Mini Cooper and heads to the trees! While on the way she’s starting to unwind by stopping at vintage food stands, letting her hair down and blasting some No Doubt cd’s. Once she arrives, it’s time to relax and listen to some old vinyl, go for a nature hike and bake some pumpkin pie! The weekend is filled with writing music, making smores at night and exploring the lake and its surroundings during the day. After fully recharging from a much needed break, she is ready to head back to the big apple – and its dueces, over and out!”

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