What Is NION?

What is NION?

NION, pronounced like “neon”; is a way of life. It is living life in color.

What is color? It is your passion. It’s what lights you up. It’s different for everyone.

More importantly, it’s living life in the state of creation vs reaction.

So many people live in a muck of grey, letting the moments slip by in waste. The truth is, it is our choice to create the life that we desire. Yes, we all come from different circumstances, but the only thing we have is the choice to rise above.

NION is choosing to rise above. Choosing to create.

Your art is your gift to the world. NION is a new art, not only art in the traditional sense of the word, but art is in what you create from your passion. Art is creating something from nothing. That can be anything. Anything that lights you up inside.

It is the belief that money is a vehicle, not a means to happiness.

We are changing the world through art and design, and leaving the world a better place than we found it.